High resolution photo

Using the right picture for your project is the most important part of creating the perfect piece, whether it’s a pet portrait, a photo transfer, or a recipe burned on a cutting board in your family member’s handwriting. A high resolution photograph is required, and must be approved before finalizing your custom order. ABSOLUTELY NO SCREENSHOTS PLEASE

Is my picture High Res?

Most photos taken with a smart phone are able to produce pictures in high resolution. The best way to tell is to zoom in on the picture to make sure you can make out clear detail.

Rocco in High Res photo in natural light with straight angle of face
Clear detail in features when zoomed in
Little Rocco weeks old. Low res or screenshot
Lose detail and picture becomes pixelated or distorted when zoomed in.
As incredibly cute as this picture is, I would not be able to create a decent portrait while Lilly is in the laying down position. It is also a low resolution photo. If I were to zoom in, it would pixelate and distort losing important detail.
That’s better! A straight on pic of the face. The lighting is a little dim, but I can work with it.